Metis (People & Organisation) Consulting Ltd


Interim HR Management and Consulting

We can provide effective support and leadership in relation to all kinds of HR challenges, either as interim HR Directors or as consultants, facilitators and coaches. These are some of the areas of our expertise.

• Transformation / Change

• M&A

• Organisation Culture

• Employee Engagement / Experience

• Organisation Design and Development


Organisation leaders drive business results. Shareholder value is created when the right emphasis is placed on people and organisation (human capital) matters. We can work with you and your leaders to develop their effectiveness in ensuring successful business outcomes through the people in the company and according to the way in which they are organised.

Organisation Culture

Your employees' actions have a direct impact on your customers, consumers and clients and in turn on your organisation’s productivity and financial performance. The way people perform in an organisation is guided by the values and beliefs that are shared among all of the organisation’s employees. Importantly, they’re influenced by the actions of the organisation’s leaders.

If your organisation’s culture needs to be changed, we can help you with a roadmap for change as well as provide tools for making the change, and work with you to embed the key values, attitudes and behaviours among your people.

Organisation Design

Successful organisations deliver success through having effective organisational structures in place that enable the delivery of their products and services efficiently and effectively. We work with you to structure your organisation to ensure a high probability of sustainable success. This includes clarifying the purpose, designing role profiles, operational frameworks, communication networks and accountability and responsibility matrices.


Having the right skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in your organisation are critical to its success. We can help you find, develop and keep the people with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours your business requires to deliver excellent results. We can also help you plan for future requirements.


Shaping the future - rather than just being shaped by current events - is a desirable aim. Leadership behaviours are critical to be successful in not just navigating the present but also plotting a course for the future. The required behaviours are not confined to executives and other senior managers but to all the people in your organisation responsible for delivering excellent service and outcomes for their internal and external customers. We can help you identify the required behaviours, plan, deliver and measure them.

Attraction, Development and Retention of Talent

We can work with you to plan and match the skills and knowledge required by your organisation to the available skills and knowledge among your employees. Where there are gaps between what’s needed and what you have is planned for and acted on accordingly. If you want;

– a culture that promotes high performance and productivity

– to encourage your employees to be both fully committed to and aligned with your organisation’s objectives

– to motivate your employees to work to the best of their abilities, be alert to opportunities to improve your organisation’s business processes, and be able to respond quickly to your markets and customers’ changing requirements, 

then we can help you improve your organisation through the ways in which your people are led, organised, trained, developed, recognised and rewarded.