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Cultural Engineering

Client: global medical devices manufacturer

Remit: Transform the company's culture to accelerate growth

It was unclear to both customers and to employees what the company’s real identity was, what it stood for and how it differed to its larger competitors. In addition, pan-regional customers were becoming increasingly confused by the extent of the product portfolio and pricing. These factors were inhibiting the growth of the company and its ability to increase its market share. By undertaking a thorough review with customers, employees and other stakeholders, the company's key differentiators were assessed; its purpose, values, beliefs, technologies, products and services. The company's opportunities for distinct competitive advantages were now fully understood. The company decided to re-brand and to re-position itself. The new brand had to be articulated to all stakeholders, mainly customers and employees - recognising that a brand is built from the inside out. The new brand was initially launched to the company's most senior leaders drown from all functions and geographies who were trained to take ownership of new expected cultural norms. The new brand was a means to align the commitment of all employees’ efforts towards providing excellent customer benefits and service which exemplified the company's distinctiveness and its status as a preferred supplier. All the company's HR programmes and practices were updated to reflect the  purpose and values the company was now working to. An employee communications strategy was designed and implemented to support the launch and to embed the new purpose and values, aimed at ensuring all prospective and existing employees knew what the company stood for and the contribution expected from all employees. Employee engagement levels were assessed which were found to be very high - much higher than for the company's previous engagement surveys. From the time of the company's brand re-launch, its revenues grew 2x the market. Global market share grew from 0.5% CAGR to 1% CAGR.