Metis (People & Organisation) Consulting Ltd


Executive, senior leader and team coaching


Metispo can bring together talented, experienced practitioners to work with you to deal with change or with your changing environment. The philosophy of these individuals is not just address your problem but facilitate and coach your people so that they have the skills to manage change and its effects.

Thought Partners: Executive Coaching

Our coaches are individuals who have served in executive roles and understand the pressures and dynamics of being a senior leader. Often, senior executives need the opportunity to test their thinking and behaviours in a confidential and safe environment. It's for this reason that Metispo offers coaching services. 

Facilitators: Building High Performing Teams

Metispo can provide team coaching and facilitation to bring about improved business results.What typically are called teams are, in reality, groups of people combining to solve complex, integrated problems without necessarily sharing either accountability or unifying common objectives. This can compromise performance. And it's the degree of emphasis on performance which is a key determining factor of whether you need team or you can get to where you want to be by leading a group. Developing teams requires serious effort and consistent discipline where the outcome is a foundation of a high-performing organisation.